My Goal & Purpose is
Protecting Your Investment
Protecting your investment. Rapp, M.D.'s purpose is to provide you and yours with an experienced Emergency Medicine physician, one with whom you can build trust as you and your crew work from home, or go from city to city and beyond. Kadisha Rapp, M.D. means to provide you with the best kind of doctor to take on tour. She is a board certified ER doctor, not one who specializes in non-emergent issues like plastic surgery, not one who specializes in a field that limits her experience with a number of other procedures like suturing, and the dangers of sedation. As we have seen, using the wrong kind of doctor has proven fatal. Lastly, Rapp, M.D. is young enough to appreciate your art, but is old enough, and has seen enough to know when medical conditions require a hospital visit. Once given the cities on your tour she will research the best most convenient hospitals in those locations. If such a situation arises, she will be by your side from beginning to end. She knows what you need to keep your team healthy and safe. ENTERTAINMENT STAFF +
HAS THIS HAPPENED TO YOU? The show must go on. Money has changed hands. You start in one hour. You're in an unfamiliar city, or you know the nearest ER is not one where you want your people....
One of your biggest stars suffers from anxiety, and is having a panic attack 25 minutes before showtime. She doesn't want to be seen outside her dressing room like this! The docs you usually call in this city can't get there in time...and she doesn't know them, doesn't trust them. The producer has a cut over his eye after bumping his head on equipment. He can't see the board like he needs to, he can't stop bleeding. There's no time for a trip to the ER.
What needs to happen to get him stitched up in time? The stress of traveling and performing has brought out your cold sores. You cannot be seen like this. You need your doctor to come to you, and/or call in a script or get the cream ASAP. A performer must go to the hospital. You cannot leave the venue but you don't trust anyone else to ask the right questions and make sure he's getting proper care.Who would you really want
to send? You had unprotected sex with an eager fan 3 days ago and now you have a burning sensation with urination.
You need meds quick, and you need privacy. Paparazzi are everywhere....whom can you call in a new city?
Your main female talent has TERRIBLE menstrual cramps.
What would you need to get her right in time for hair and makeup? The usual meds she had with her aren't helping. What would you need to get her right in time for hair and makeup in 45 minutes?